Bemet International is a major player in the CAD / CAM, ERP in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Poland, etc.

ERP solution, provided by the company BEMET is the result of long experience in the industrial market and is based on close collaboration with the industry. Plan-de-Campagne solution is a viable solution for small and medium companies that want to automate processes within the company.

As an authorized reseller of the company BEMET, Hofag Engineering company, provides its customers not only software solution, but also complementary consulting services, technical support and training provided so the solution can be implemented successfully.

Plan-de-Campagne is a solution modulated based on processes so implementation phase to be able to make and does not disturb client activity.

Plan-deCAMpagne is a successful platform for those wishing to plan successfully resources enterprise and a useful tool because working in the departments of purchasing, planning or top management, being used successfully both in the production metal and furniture industry.


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Plan-de-CAMpagne is a work preparation system developed by Bemet International B.V. and meant specifically for the metallurgic industry. Bemet has extensive experience in the field of metallurgy and therefore this can be recognized in Plan-de-CAMpagne. Because Bemet is close to the users, the package is constantly supplemented with new functionalities that are important for the clients.


Plan-de-CAMpagne basic module (yellow)

This module is the work preparation system that allows fast and efficient execution of cost estimation and recalculation and offers. In an easy way, routes and time calculations are made. The overall complement per machine, possibly per time unit, gives a good overview that enables fast planning. In addition, it is possible to look at ‘work in progress’ and outstanding offers or orders in an easy way. Previously, made documents can be retrieved easily.

The basic module contains all necessary fundamental files. In addition, standard history is fixed and the Report Editor also belongs to the basic module. With the Report Editor it is possible (of: The Report Editor is meant) to retrieve the information that has been added to the package and to generate overviews, management information and so on.

Extensions to Plan-de-CAMpagne basic module (add-on modules)

Plan-de-CAMpagne Customer Relation Management module is an extension to the default relation management functions in the basic module. With this extension, you can easily send letters and handle mailings. You also can easily save conversation notes and send actions to colleagues.

Plan-de-CAMpagne Logistics (blue and green)

Logistics is an expansion of the basic package. It takes care of purchase and stock management. When an offer becomes an order and is then released for production, automatic purchase rules are generated, supplies are updated and orders can be placed. The system also takes into account the minimum supplies. Order forms and packer’s numbers can be printed, as well as invoices. It is possible to establish links with several bookkeeping programs. This module can be divided into a logistic I (packer's numbers and invoicing) and a Logistic II (purchase and stock management).

Plan-de-CAMpagne Part lists (Multi level bills of materials) is a module designed specially for setting up more complex compositions.

Plan-de-CAMpagne Detail planning is an extension to the basic package. With this module, detailed production schedules are made. The system plans orders from start date or from delivery date. If you exceed the planning, the system will give a warning. The planning can already be checked during the quotation stage.

Plan-de-CAMpagne International module offers the user the possibility to record several product descriptions for each individual article/material. These product descriptions are linked to a language code. If you send a letter to, for example, the United Kingdom, then the system automatically uses the English description. Besides, you can enter a separate sales price for each individual country code. If you need to offer a quotation or deliver outside the Euro-countries, the system also holds the day currencies of the quotation time.

Plan-de-CAMpagne price agreements makes it possible to work with price lists or with customer specific price- or discount agreements. A price agreement can be made between a customer or a customer class and a material (article) or a material (article) group. It is possible to link price lines and/or value criteria to these. It is also possible to make a distinction between a trade agreement and a calculation agreement.

Plan-de-CAMpagne Trade module enables the user to handle trade orders (purchase/sales) without the need to go through the entire production process. The module is also suitable for front desk sales with accelerated creation of delivery notes and invoices.

Plan-de-CAMpagne ScriptEditor module is an open Plan-de-CAMpagne script environment. With this module it is possible to create scripts, macros and the like. Think of calculating laser cutting times, norm times, cutting tables, etc. With this module also a complete product generator can be made. With a product generator, complete calculations, orders, quotations are generated by entering parameters.

The ScriptEditor is based on the Microsoft Visual Basic scripting language. The programs, macros, etc. that are made with this scripting language, fall outside the maintenance contract.

Using Com and ActiveX techniques, it is also possible to enable (automatic ) interfaces with external Windows applications in a comparatively easy way. While doing so, two applications can work in an ‘integrated’ way. Examples of Windows applications are: Excel, Access, CAD- or CAM applications. Besides, there is the possibility of a default import/export (CAD-) interface.

Scriptrunner module is needed to be able to use the scripts that have been made with the ScriptEditor.

Plan-de-CAMpagne Financial interface. This module is used to realize an ‘automatic’ link or ‘integration’ with an existing accountancy-package. For this purpose it is necessary that your current accountancy-package has the possibility to import/export.

Several links are already running, for instance with AccountView, Exact, King, Cash and Finn Pack.

If you also consider changing to another accountancy-pack, we normally advise AccountView for Dutch customers. Plan-de-CAMpagne can be linked to this package on the basis of ‘integration’.

Plan-de-CAMpagne CAD/CAM-interface is used to exchange data from and to a CAD system. Dependent on the CAD/CAM system, this exchange is based on ‘Integration’ (COM technology) or based on data import/export.  At the moment, interfaces has been realized between TopSolid, Delcam, JETCAM, AutoCAD, Inventor, E-Plan and Hi-CAD.

Plan-de-CAMpagne CNC file management manages CNC program files in Plan-de-CAMpagne. With this module, it is possible to save your CNC program files, represented through text or shortcuts to other files, in the Plan-de-CAMpagne database. The module also offers the possibility to ‘link’ your program files to calculations and standard articles, which you have defined in Plan-de-CAMpagne. CNC file management can be used separate from Plan-de-CAMpagne as well as integrated with the whole program.

Plan-de-CAMpagne Telephone interface offers the normal telephone functions. A great advantage is, that you also have some extra functions at your disposal. From several places within Plan-de-CAMpagne you can call a relation. You make a call, starting from the relations file, the relation card, the agenda and a report. From the ‘Make a call screen’, you have – besides calling -   the following functions at your disposal: opening a relation card, making notes, creating a new project and creating a report.

Extensions to the basic time and product registration

Plan-de-CAMpagne Online time registration module is meant to clock order time and/or presence and absence, using a PC. If doing so, it is possible to gain a good insight into the actual order times. As a result, a reliable calculation is obtained. The order time registration can be done by using a barcode scanner. If doing so, the chance of mistakes is further reduced. The barcode scanner can be offered separately. Part of the Online time registration is the Product registration.

Plan-de-CAMpagne product reports is meant to record additional product reports and settle these. The product reports can be related to production reports and/or customer reports. With this module, also the complete settlement is arranged, such as creating repair orders. It is also possible to register causes, measures for improvement and undertaken actions. This way you get a better grip on your quality control.

Extensions to the Plan-de-CAMpagne Logistics module

Plan-de-CAMpagne Certificates is meant to manage certificates for each individual (stock-) article / material. This way it is always possible to trace which material with which certificate belongs to which order. Besides, the system can also take the costs of material certificates into account.

Plan-de-CAMpagne Alternative suppliers and price lists is an extension to the default logistics. Using this module, the user can process alternative suppliers and price lists for each individual article. If calculating, the user is supported to choose the right supplier.

Plan-de-CAMpagne Purchase requests supports the user to create and settle purchase requests. These requests can easily be promoted to an order.

Plan-de-CAMpagne Termin invoicing is an extension to the normal invoice possibilities. With this module, it is possible to create termin lines for calculations or projects. These termin lines have a wide range of release criteria. After releasing, a separate approval procedure can be done.

Extension for Management Information

Management Cockpit is a tool that runs outside of Plan-de-CAMpagne. Using this module, managing directors, general managers etc. - in a remote or non-remote way- can see in one glance the most important management indicators. The information is mainly displayed in a graphical form. It is also possible to display norms (budgets) using a colour code. The performance in relation to the norms is directly displayed.

Extension for the internet

Plan-de-CAMpagne E-business makes sure your administration is ready for the future. Using this module, it is possible for your customer to request for quotations and to place orders via the Internet. This enhances your productivity. Besides, you can decide whether or not your customer can gain an insight into the order progress. You are the one to decide what information is shown to the customer. The internet settlement is secured by the latest technology.

Because of the integration between the different parts, the chance of errors becomes significantly smaller. Besides it is possible to gain a better insight into the different processes. This way it is possible to control the production process and make it more efficient. This, combined with the low price and the high working speed, makes sure the system recovers the costs in a short period of time.