Consultancy & Technical Support CAD/CAM19.11.2016

The programs provided by our company benefit from these additional services:


The mere acquisition of CAD / CAM / ERP solutions do not solve the problems or challenges a company is faced with. Even the existence of qualified personnel does not ensure the objectives of your firm are attained. There is an entire system that must work properly to ensure that, a system comprised of: hardware infrastructure, qualified human resources, and last, but not least, the existence of procedures developed in compliance with the company's workflows.

The significant increase of product complexity, market demand, minimising the response time, accurate evaluation of bids, simplification or optimisation of processes, and cutting costs, creates the need for an efficient management data system that can organise effectively a company's technical data.

By technical data, we mean all the processes needed for creating a product, from conception to delivering it on the market. These processes can include: technical product documentation, current technical legislation, CNC programs attached to product components, product simulation / validation, optimisation of product technology, achieving the right product structure, in-time and proper re-use of previous product versions, efficient integration of the technical data in other company departments, such as: purchasing, sales, maintenance, marketing, etc.

An extremely important element in achieving this is connecting your data to the ERP platforms you own.

Consequently, Hofag Engineering, in partnership with the software firms it represents in Romania, can provide customers with an accurate evaluation of existing resources and processes in their companies. This evaluation results in identifying the processes that contribute negatively to the firm's operational efficiency. We call this assessment process "Business Process Assessment".

More details can be found in the brochure Autodesk Business Process Assessment (BPA).

Brochure for Autodesk Business Process Assessment (BPA)

If you are interested in such an evaluation, you can send a request to: